Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rigging: Some People Are Geniuses


I hear that and want to kill myself. Rigging is a process in CG animation in which you take a model and make it move to put it in simple terms. You set up bones, Weight Maps, IK/FK (Inverse/Foreward Kinematics), Endomorphs, etc. What nuclear physics/rocket science is to Science is what Rigging is to animation. It is a very technical process, and some people specialize in that particular field in the industry (and make the most money because no one wants to rig. It's a headache.

But I figure I'd feature something I found pretty pimp while browsing forums. Mattias Jervill ( created a pretty awesome rig for a Transformer character. You can view it here, or visit his site for a higher-res version:

Like I said, that's pimp!

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